Депутат Госдумы Отари Аршба встретился с жителями Подмосковья

Информация ФГБУ «Центр развития ...

Ульяновские росгвардейцы приняли участие в открытии мемориальной доски майору полиции в отставке Сергею Смирнову

Подозреваемого в убийстве из-за парковки в Москве ищут в нескольких регионах

18 апреля 2024 года

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Индустрия красоты набирает обороты // Как развивается сфера бьюти-услуг в режиме санкций

Россияне потратили на косметологию рекордные 269 млрд руб. В 2023 году оборот этого рынка в России вырос... Читать дальше...

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Новые пешеходные переходы запустят для жителей Троицка в 2024 году

В Раменском мужчина избил беременную медработницу за отказ выдать справку

«Желтый» уровень опасности из-за грозы объявили в столице в ночь на пятницу

Эксперт Клименко объяснил популярность Telegram удобными механизмами


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Eurasia Review 

Greece, Bangladesh Vow To Expand Cooperation In Key Sectors: From Shipping To Manpower – OpEd

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dr. Hassan Mahmud and his Greek counterpart, George Gerapetritis, convened a bilateral meeting on Tuesday (April 16, 2024). The meeting took place at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens, coinciding with the 9th Our Ocean Conference held from April 15 to 17. During this significant gathering, both ministers affirmed their dedication to bolstering bilateral cooperation across various domains, encompassing migration and mobility, trade and investment... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

India’s Calculus On CPEC – OpEd

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project of the One Belt and One Road (OBOR) initiative. It holds the potential to significantly boost Pakistan’s economic growth and development through infrastructure development, trade facilitation, energy projects, industrial cooperation, job creation, regional connectivity, and the development of Gwadar Port.

Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

The Colorblind Counterattack – OpEd

By GianCarlo Canaparo

We prefer the term “righteous indignation” to “hatred” because we know that it is very hard to pour hatred on sin without splashing any on the sinner. Yet hatred is the right response to evil. Righteous indignation can deliver only a pulled punch; hatred, a death blow.

That blow must be carefully aimed, but if it is, we will find in delivering it a kind of joy: the joy of “finding at last what hatred was made for.” Few good men, CS Lewis tells us, ever encounter this joy. Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Iran’s Attack On Israel Provides An Opportunity To De-Escalate – OpEd

By Connor O’Keeffe

Over the weekend, the Iranian military launched hundreds of drones and missiles toward Israel. Israeli, American, and Jordanian air defenses reportedly intercepted and shot down almost everything Iran fired. One child from a Bedouin village in southern Israel was hurt by shrapnel falling from an intercepted missile, and an Israeli air base in the Negev Desert—also in southern Israel—sustained some structural damage.

This attack was the widely expected response... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Biden Begins The Spin On The Iran Attack – OpEd

By Dave Patterson

There is a new metric for a small increment of time. Forget the nanosecond. The new measure is the minuscule unit of time between President Joe Biden saying something of questionable veracity and a White House spin master hitting the airwaves for clean-up.

Biden Response Falters

So it was when national security spokesman John Kirby tried to smooth out the mess Biden made in the aftermath of the Iranian air assault on Israel. America’s chief executive... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Indonesia: Prabowo Bites Off More Than He Can Chew With Free Lunch Promise – Analysis

By Muhammad Rafi Bakri

The landslide victory of Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto in Indonesia’s 14 February 2024 presidential election has been been confirmed, with Subianto officially declared president-elect by the General Election Commission on 20 March.

Prabowo has proposed eight major programs as part of his election manifesto, but a free lunch program for students in Indonesia is his flagship proposal. This has been touted as a means of hastening reductions in Indonesia’s child stunting rates which... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Why Israel Should Take Its Time To Retaliate Against Iran – OpEd

By Dr. Alon Ben-Meir*

Iran’s unprecedented aerial attack on Israel has upended the shadow war between the two countries and created new opportunities to contain Iran while creating a new regional alliance, which is the ultimate deterrent against Iran.

Iran’s aerial attack on Israel in retaliation for the latter’s attack on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria that killed six Iranian top military commanders, including a senior general, has changed the dynamic of the Israeli-Iranian shadow war. Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Down With Big Brother: Warrantless Surveillance Makes A Mockery Of The Constitution – OpEd

The government long ago sold us out to the highest bidder.

The highest bidder, by the way, has always been the Deep State.

What’s playing out now with the highly politicized tug-of-war over whether Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act gets reauthorized by Congress doesn’t just sell us out, it makes us slaves of the Deep State.

Read the fine print: it’s a doozy.

Just as the USA Patriot was perverted from its stated intent to fight terrorism... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Policy Of The Republic Of Croatia Towards Bosnia And Herzegovina 1992-95 (Part II) – Analysis

Croatian aid to Bosnian Army (ABIH)

Croatian started sending military aid to Muslim troops as early as 1991, when the training of the reserve militia of Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized in Croatia. When the JNA and Bosnian Serbs started an armed uprising against Bosnia in April, Croatia continuously sent aid to the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ABIH) until April 1993, when it became clear that the ABIH intended to wage war against the Croatian Defence Council (HVO). On April 21... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

The Era Of Slower Growth In Global Electric Vehicle Market Has Arrived – Analysis

By He Jun

On April 15, Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a memo announcing plans to cut over 10% of its workforce globally. In the memo, he expressed gratitude to departing employees and stated that this move would help Tesla prepare for the next “growth phase cycle”.

According to Tesla’s financial report, as of the end of 2023, the company had a total global workforce of 140,473 people. Based on Musk’s announcement, this round of layoffs will affect over 14,000 jobs. Tesla’s last large-scale layoffs occurred in June 2022. Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Proxy Battles: Iraq, Iran, And Turmoil In The Middle East – Analysis

By Hamzeh Hadad 


Since Hamas’s attacks sparked the war in Gaza on 7 October 2023, a dangerous cycle of escalation has played out across the Middle East. Iran and its proxies – such as the Houthis in Yemen, Hizbullah in Lebanon, and Iraqi paramilitaries operating as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq – have exchanged attacks with Israel and the US military presence across the region. This threatens to erupt into a wider war, particularly since Iran’s unprecedented direct... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

How The US Failed To Stop A Cambodian Monkey ‘Smuggling Conspiracy’ – Analysis

By Jack Adamović Davies

Kry Masphal landed at Phnom Penh airport late last month to a hero’s welcome. His wife and children, as well as his colleagues and superiors from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries, or MAFF, thrust a bouquet of flowers in his hand and garlands around his neck. 

For most of the previous 18 months, the former director of Cambodia’s Department of Wildlife and Biodiversity had been held under house arrest in the U.S., allowed out for just 45 minutes each day to stroll in a nearby park. Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

US Natural Gas Trade Will Continue To Grow With Startup Of New LNG Export Projects – Analysis

In our recently released Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), we forecast that U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports will continue to lead growth in U.S. natural gas trade as three LNG export projects currently under construction start operations and ramp up to full production by the end of 2025. We also forecast increased natural gas exports by pipeline, mainly to Mexico. In our STEO forecast, net exports of U.S. natural gas (exports minus imports) grow 6% to 13.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in 2024 compared with 2023. Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

Myanmar Border Guards, Soldiers And Civilians Flee To Bangladesh

By Abdur Rahman and Ahammad Foyez

Nearly four dozen members of the Burmese junta-affiliated Border Guard Police and soldiers have fled to Bangladesh since Tuesday night amid intensifying fighting between junta troops and Arakan Army rebels in neighboring Rakhine state, officials said.

Bangladeshis who live close to the border with Rakhine reported hearing loud sounds from artillery fire nearby. Over the past week, about 260 Myanmar soldiers, border guards and citizens have... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

As Iran And Israel Escalate Conflict, Arab States Stick To Their Guns – Analysis

By Michael Scollon

(RFE/RL) — As the world anxiously awaited the outcome of Iran’s large-scale attack against Israel, some Arab countries had already taken steps to blunt its impact.

When the dust from the April 13 attack settled, the vast majority of the hundreds of drones and missiles launched by Iran had been shot down — by Israel, its Western allies, and Jordan, despite its strong opposition to Israel’s ongoing war in Gaza.

At least two other Arab states — Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)... Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

New Data Identifies Trends In Accidental Opioid Overdoses In Children

The US saw a 22% decline in rates of prescription-opioid overdose related emergency department (ED) visits in children 17 and younger between 2008 and 2019, but an uptick in the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study published this week in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Henry Xiang of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, US, and colleagues. The authors also note that rates of pediatric opioid overdoses remain high in many populations.

Читать дальше...

Eurasia Review 

East Coast Mussel Shells Becoming More Porous In Warming Waters

Researchers at the American Museum of Natural History have found that over the last 120 years, the porosity—or small-scale holes—in mussel shells along the East Coast of the United States has increased, potentially due to warming waters. The study, which analyzed modern mussel shells in comparison to specimens in the Museum’s historic collection, was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Читать дальше...

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Депутат Госдумы Отари Аршба встретился с жителями Подмосковья

В Москве найден автомобиль подозреваемого в убийстве мужчины на парковке

Минздрав Подмосковья примет жителей 23 апреля

Подозреваемого в убийстве из-за парковки в Москве ищут в нескольких регионах

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Тема дня: ФМБА России дало старт новой донорской акции «Знаю! Могу! Помогаю!»

Выставка мультографики «Сны смешного человека» откроется в Пскове

Глава СК РФ Бастрыкин взял дело нейрохирурга под свой контроль

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В Москве нашли автомобиль, на котором скрылся зарезавший парня за замечание на парковке водитель

Центральную Россию настигнет «эхо дубайского шторма»

В СберСтраховании назвали меры предосторожности при непогоде

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Экология в России и мире

«Кот в мешке» на «Юмор FM – Санкт-Петербург»

С 15 по 21 апреля в России проходит Неделя популяризации донорства крови

Зубные щетки Revyline Perfect DUO и зубная паста Organic Detox доступны в Уфе

Куда стремятся попасть российские туристы без турфирм на майские праздники?

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Рыбакина призналась, что её жизнь сильно изменилась после победы на Уимблдоне

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Теннисист Рублев разбил ракетку после поражения на турнире в Барселоне


Псковская область подала заявку на проведение ДЭГ на очередных выборах

Шихан Куштау, Башкирия, апрель 2024 года.

Сотрудники росгвардии задержали гражданина с поддельным документом в Москве

Продолжается ремонт трассы Бахчисарай – Ялта в Крыму

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Газорегуляторный пункт модернизировали на востоке столицы

Информация ФГБУ «Центр развития ...

Подозреваемого в убийстве из-за парковки в Москве ищут в нескольких регионах

Ульяновские росгвардейцы приняли участие в открытии мемориальной доски майору полиции в отставке Сергею Смирнову