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NFL Combine preview: Quarterbacks Williams, Nix and Penix lead impressive group of Pac-12 prospects

NFL Combine preview: Quarterbacks Williams, Nix and Penix lead impressive group of Pac-12 prospects

Pac-12 schools will have more than a half-dozen players in Indianapolis with designs on the first round of the NFL Draft.

One of the finest football seasons in Pac-12 history has given way to an impressive winter, with 52 players scheduled to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine this week.

Only the SEC and Big Ten are sending more players to Indianapolis, where the on-field drills begin Thursday and run through the weekend.

(Last year, the Pac-12 had just 31 players invited.)

Washington leads the conference with 13 participants, second only to Michigan’s total of 18.

The NFL Network will televise the on-field workouts, although one of the most intriguing sessions will unfold during the medical exams.

Here are five storylines to watch:

1. The first-round lineup

There is more to the Pac-12’s representation than quantity. Six players project as likely first-round picks — the list starts with USC quarterback Caleb Williams, the consensus No. 1 overall selection — while several others are viewed as possible Day 1 prospects.

What’s more, six different teams could be represented in the first round, with Oregon State and Arizona joining the usual suspects (USC and Oregon).

OSU tackle Taliese Fuaga, a former three-star recruit, is considered a top-15 pick at this stage of the pre-draft process, while Arizona tackle Jordan Morgan is a potential late-first rounder.

This time next week, the Pac-12 could be tracking for its best draft in eons — just as it exits the college football stage.

2. Penix, poked and prodded

Based on his performance the past two seasons, Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. should be a first-round selection. Based on the season-ending injuries Penix sustained during his career at Indiana, he projects as a second- or third-day pick.

Scouts love his arm but hate his knee.

This week, doctors from all 32 teams will evaluate Penix, examine his scans and charts, then take their best guess on the stability of his surgically repaired ligaments.

He cannot change the past. But could something in the medical evaluations alter his future and transform Penix into a first-round selection in April, where he could join Williams and possibly Oregon quarterback Bo Nix?

3. How will they run?

Rarely has the Pac-12 produced a pair of receivers as talented and productive as Washington’s Rome Odunze and Oregon’s Troy Franklin.

Odunze is viewed as a lock for the first round, but how high?

Franklin is often projected as a second-round selection, but could he sneak into Day 1?

NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks recently wrote of Franklin: “Considering how explosive plays routinely lead to points, Franklin’s big-play potential could send his stock soaring by the end of the pre-draft process.”

For each wideout, the 40-yard dash will be critical. Can they break the 4.4-second barrier?

Receivers are on the field Saturday, along with quarterbacks and running backs.

4. Holding the edge

The western third of the country is generally lacking in elite interior defensive linemen — the Big Ten and SEC produce an outsized share of prospects at that coveted position — but the conference is stocked with quality edge rushers.

UCLA’s Laiatu Latu received most of the attention during the 2023 season, was named Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year and stands as a likely first-round pick.

Several other edge prospects could sneak into the first round or the top of the second, including Washington’s Bralen Trice, Oregon’s Brandon Dorlus, Utah’s Jonah Elliss and Washington State’s Brennan Jackson.

The position group works out Thursday.

5. Old friends, new places

Devoted Pac-12 fans will see and hear a slew of familiar names during the NFL Network’s combine coverage in the form of players who began their careers in the conference but transferred out.

The list starts with LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, who spent three seasons at Arizona State before leaving for the SEC — and winning the 2023 Heisman Trophy.

Fans might also remember ex-USC quarterback Kedon Slovis (Brigham Young) and former Stanford offensive tackle Walter Rouse (Oklahoma).

Then there’s former Arizona State receiver Johnny Wilson (Florida State) and, err, former Arizona State receiver Ricky Pearsall (Florida). Oh, and don’t forget about former Arizona State tackle LaDarius Henderson (Michigan).

And yes, one player on ASU’s 2023 roster was invited: defensive lineman Nesta Jade Silvera.

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